This is now the second year that the town of Orio is hosting the region’s major tourism gathering. This event organised by the Tourism Promotion Board and driven by Urola Kostainvolves 9 of the region’s tourism-based businesses: Experientziak,AraziBasque DestinationAterianEgona, Bodega Katxiña, Begi BistanMaisor and Hotel San Prudencio.

The event’s organisation has involved some 30 firms and professionals linked to tourism in the Basque CountryNavarre and La Rioja.

Their goal will be to “create a meeting point for the different players in the tourism and MICE sector to come together and lay out the broad range of tourist options and activities in the region.” With this in mind, they will be holding workshops and “a series of experiences to draw attention towards the products and services that Urola Kosta’s tourism sector provides.”