Jose Miguel Zendoia, the family father, has been the main promoter of Txakoli Katxiña. The Hondarrabi Zuri vines have marked the main entrance of his home for as long as memory can recall. Producing txakoli has been a family tradition, something that can be enjoyed among family members and friends too.

He met Maria Pilar Etxezarreta, the mother of the family, in Orio, a fishing town near San Sebastian. For 39 years they have worked together in the family business of grilled fish and meat: a place called Asador Katxiña. They have always chosen to use fresh and quality products. That is the reason they have become well known within the basque cuisine.

Jose Miguel Zendoia continued to produce txakoli. Following family tradition he would produce it and have his friends and clients taste it. Before going into the dining room, they would stop by the grills to say hello; that’s where Jose Miguel would grab a bottle of his own txakoli and ask his friends to taste it. The txakoli pleased the people, but had one main issue: it could not be served without a label. Jose Miguel wanted to serve it and that was how his kids, Iñaki and Izaskun Zendoia, seeing his desire, decided to aid in making it a reality.

They planted 8 hectares of vines and they built Bodega Katxiña, not only destined to produce txakoli but rather to also offer its visitors a gastronomical complement to txakoli and to the basque coast cuisine. Katxiña cellar has been designed so that the client can enjoy a gastronomical experience. But also so that they can enjoy, at the same time, the garden as well as the green landscape that surrounds them.

In 2014 the Txakoli Katxiña accessed the market, a txakoli that Jose Miguel Zendoia served upon his tables with pride too. In 2016 the Bodega Katxiña Restaurant opened and in 2018 both Jose Miguel and Maria Pilar earned a well deserved retirement. It is now the turn of their sons, Iñaki and Izaskun Zendoia, to take lead in the cellar that currently offers txakoli, restaurant service, banquets, and business events too.

During the year 2018 the Bodega Katxiña Restaurant received the “2018 Best Luxury Grill in the World” prize. News that caught them by surprise and also encouraged them to carry on with the path they had made for themselves. It was also great news for their parents, since they were only one step away from deciding to finally retire.

In the year 2020 the Bodega Katxiña Restaurant received the first Sol Repsol. Encouraged to continue to progress, and with an insatiable spirit, in the year 2022 they received their second Sol Repsol.