On 31 May 2018, the BMW Más Gastronomía Awards were held at San Sebastián’s Royal Tennis Club, bringing together some of the more familiar faces of the food industry in our region.


Brothers Izaskun and Iñaki Zendoia were recognised with the prize for ‘Best Banquet Restaurant’ They dedicated the award to their parents Jose Miguel Zendoia and Maria Pilar Etxezarreta of Asador Katxiña, thanking them for having taught them how to cook from the heart and giving them the opportunity to continue the tradition of the winery, which offers select grilled meats and fish combined with the locally made Txakoli Katxiña wine.


They also highlighted the importance of working day in day out and paying attention to every last detail.


This recognition gives us the strength to continue working with renewed enthusiasm, in the knowledge that there is always reward for a job well done.


Thanks so much, eskerrik asko!