Katxi Extra Brut

Variety: Hondarrabi zuri 100%
Ground: Clay and sand

We own 8 hectares of vineyard terraces, all of them facing south. Located with their backs to the Cantabrian Sea on slopes that descend all the way to the Oria river estuary and form a vented corridor that brings the sea breeze all the way to the vineyards.

During harvest season we manually select the bunches of grapes that are the most adequate for the production of Katxi Basque Extra Brut. The first fermentation happens in a stainless steel tank where we let the wine sit for 7 months. From that date forward we bottle it and let it go through a second fermentation process. It is left in the bottle for at least 18 months before the disgorging process. Then the commercialization process for this fine and exquisite Katxi wine begins.

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Tasting notes

We introduce a sparkling wine produced with 100% Hondarrabi Zuri grapes with a silky and fine touch that can surprise the palate. Light in the mouth, you can sense the fruity taste of the grape together with a fresh touch that is characteristic for the region.

Service tips

Katxi Extra Brut is thought up for those special moments that are worthy of celebration.


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