Txakoli Katxiña

Creation date: 2014 (crop of 2013)
Plantation: 8 hectares of vineyard surrounding the cellar
Sustainable Vineyard: Facing south, upon terraces that end by the river Oria
Variety: Hondarrabi zuri 100%
Age of the vineyard: 20 years old approx.
Ground: Clay and sand
Annual production: 160.000L
Grape harvest: Manual at the end of september
Degrees of alcohol: 11,5-12%
Wine with D.O.: Getariako Txakolina D.O.
Environmental care: Ecoprowine Seal of a sustainable cellar

It is a fresh and dynamic wine. With the passing of the years it loses the differentiating and autochthonous aspect typical of the D.O. Getariako Txakolina wines. That’s why we recommend the consumption of wine less than a year old.

On this land touched by the Cantabrian Sea, to be able to produce wines with pedigree, we need to find the best location and take great care of the vineyard. For that, we have chosen 8 hectares of vineyards facing south, located on terraces that go all the way to the estuary of the river Oria. From that point is where the soft sea breeze comes and caresses the vines; a location ideal for the perfect ripening of our grapes

Due to climate and to being the Hondarrabi Zuri a late vegetative cycle plant, grape harvest happens at the end of september. Our land plots produce grapes with a perfect balance between maturation and acidity. We obtain the natural juices of the grape with minimal pressure and minimal abrasion from the husks. Once the fermentation process is complete we let rest the liquid at a low temperature for at least 3 to 4 months before bottling it. That’s how we maintain its natural touch of carbon dioxide from the fermentation process. Product quality is the main pillar for the whole production process.

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Tasting notes

The fruity nature of the variety combined with the soft sea breeze of the Cantabric makes Txakoli Katxiña a fresh, vibrant, fruity, and fine wine. The intensity of the aroma is well spread throughout the mouth and leaves behind a pleasant and lasting taste.

Service tips

It is both recommended for appetizers and for the main meal. It can be the perfect partner for a fun cocktail as it refreshes the mouth while the guests taste the different pintxos or the gourmet servings.

It combines well with sea dishes but it is also a pleasant combination of Txakoli Katxiña with dishes that might have a strong taste or a spicy sauce, and that might refresh the mouth and lighten the taste of the dishes.

During hot days its freshness is always pleasant.

It is advisable to serve it between 7º and 11º of temperature.


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