Have your wedding in the middle of nature

Have your wedding at the cradle of the basque coast ’s cuisine. The grills will entice the senses of all diners in a place surrounded by nature where the green landscape will be your constant companion both in the outdoors garden and in the inside of the cellar.

The garden of the Bodega Katxiña is a unique and ideal place to hold both the wedding ceremony as well as the welcoming appetizer.

Enjoy the pleasant benefits of the landscape while you enjoy an exquisite lunch combined with Katxiña txakoli; a homemade txakoli, produced in the cellar itself.

Surprise your guests with a grill show cooking. There’s nothing better than enjoying a grilled fish prepared by the historic cooks of Bodega Katxiña.

To complete the wedding banquet the premium steak will overrun their senses and will lead to the details and surprises of the desert.

The dance room for those more energetic and the chilling area for those less energetic will allow a space for anyone who attends the event.

Bodega Katxiña is much more than just a wedding restaurant. We offer you a tailored wedding. You can decorate and customize your deluxe wedding, making a difference.