Txakoli Katxiña Winery

Brand history

Basque Country is a land of seas and mountains, but aside from its green countryside it is also recognized at an international level for its cuisine. We are located in northern Spain and we keep traditions, culture, and the basque language (one of the oldest languages in Europe) alive.

10 minutes outside of San Sebastian, in the fisher town of Orio, our family has been dedicated to gastronomy for over 40 years, both in the Asador Katxiña (1978-2018) and in the Bodega Katxiña Restaurant (2016- at present), both places known for offering the most exquisite dishes of the basque coastline’s cuisine, dishes cooked on a vegetal carbon grill. The wines elaborated in our cellar have always combined perfectly with our grilled fish and meat dishes.



We produce our wines with the Hondarrabi Zuri variety, a local variety that only grows in the Basque Country under the protection of the Getariako Txakolina Designation of Origin.

On this land touched by the Cantabrian Sea, to be able to produce wines with pedigree, we need to find the best location and take great care of the vineyard. For that, we have chosen 8 hectares of vineyards facing south, located on terraces that go all the way to the estuary of the river Oria. From that point is where the soft sea breeze comes and caresses the vines; a location ideal for the perfect ripening of our grapes.

Caring for the land if essential, as that’s where all the adequate nutrients are found for the good production of wines. That’s the reason why we take good care of the soil under the vineyards through maintaining its natural cycle in a sustainable way.

We carry out vineyard works with the goal of producing quality wines, balanced wines, and genuine wines.

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